An Important Note, Part 2

Diabetes is a serious, life-threatening disease that’s reached epidemic proportions and the chances are everyone either has it or knows someone who does. Given its prevalence everyone should have a basic knowledge of it.

The Diabetes Book offers this. The information presented is accurate, but please understand it’s a general overview and shouldn’t be used for medical advice. It simply aims to convey how the two major types of diabetes work, drive home the importance of the patient’s active participation in his/her own care and offer some practical advice for living with it. Readers must remember that diabetes affects individuals differently and professionals are needed to develop personal treatment strategies. If the book raises questions – and I hope it does – you should see your medical professional for answers. Believe me, it’s a complicated disease and you won’t figure it out on your own.

This book isn’t comprehensive and I readily acknowledge that many things have been simplified or omitted. For example, the chapter on “Incorrect Common “Knowledge” note that diabetics don’t need special foods aside from the normal, healthy diets that a good for everyone. That’s true for the vast majority of us but there are exceptions. If you have diabetic kidney disease, you’ll need a low-protein diet. Or you may have a gluten intolerance possibly caused by the autoimmune system in Type 1s.

My purpose is to help people easily learn about diabetes. If I tried to explain all the “ifs,” “ands,” “whys” and “buts” it would have become too long, boring and time consuming for most people to read. That would have defeated its purpose, which is to inform as many people as possible.

If you’re diabetic you’ll need to refine, modify and add to this information as you learn what works in your individual case. If you’re not, you’ll better understand how it works and have a real idea of what your diabetic friends and relatives are dealing with. I sincerely hope The Diabetes Book makes everyone more knowledgeable, curious and committed to good health.

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