A Brief History, Part 3

With research continuing, the name “insulin” was suggested for the curative pancreatic substance. Insulin means “island” and refers to the “Islets of Langerhans” which had been discovered by Paul Langerhans 40 years earlier. They were enclosed in a fibrous capsule that separated them from the rest of the pancreatic tissue. , so they really areContinue reading “A Brief History, Part 3”

A Brief History, Part 2

Over the years therapies included a high fat and protein diet (which was on the right track,because it reduced the number of sugar-producing starches), eating excessive amounts of sugar (wrong track), an “oat cure” where the patient would eat 8 ounces of butter mixed with 8 ounces of oatmeal, opium or a whiskey/black coffee cocktailContinue reading “A Brief History, Part 2”

A Brief History, Part 1

Diabetes has been diagnosed for thousands of years but effective treatment wasn’t available until the early 20th century. To help explain what earlier physicians saw and thought, it’s helpful to know how the disease operates. Diabetes disables the body’s ability to metabolize sugar. Excess sugar builds up in the bloodstream, causing the body to tryContinue reading “A Brief History, Part 1”

An Important Note, Part 2

Diabetes is a serious, life-threatening disease that’s reached epidemic proportions and the chances are everyone either has it or knows someone who does. Given its prevalence everyone should have a basic knowledge of it. The Diabetes Book offers this. The information presented is accurate, but please understand it’s a general overview and shouldn’t be usedContinue reading “An Important Note, Part 2”

What Does a Diabetic Look Like?

I didn’t tell people about my diabetes for 30 years to avoid negative perceptions of who I am and what I can do. During that time I co-founded a company that melted stainless steel and poured it to make castings for corrosive applications. I was as likely to find myself on one end of aContinue reading “What Does a Diabetic Look Like?”

What is a "CWD?"

You’ve probably heard the term “PWD” which is short for “person with diabetes.” But “CWD?” It stands for “character with diabetes.” Characters who have a variety of diseases and conditions appear in movies, television shows and books all the time. But diabetes is rarely mentioned even though it’s so widespread and serious. Why is this?Continue reading “What is a "CWD?"”

What's with the Keto Diet? Part 2

Watching carbohydrates is key to managing the blood glucose level (BGL). It’s critical because 1 gram of carbs digests into 1 gram of sugar so the impact on the BGL is the same. Keto diets rigidly restrict carbs and this helps keep the BGL low. Like most things, it’s more complicated than it looks atContinue reading “What's with the Keto Diet? Part 2”

What's with the Keto Diet? Part 1

Real quick, this is how the keto diet works. Keto is short for ketogenic, which means that your body produces ketones. Ketones are released when fat cells are broken down to provide energy. The fat loss results in lower weight. The body usually gets its energy by digesting carbohydrates into glucose (sugar). In most peopleContinue reading “What's with the Keto Diet? Part 1”