The CDP Basic Diabetes Course

There’s a jungle of diabetes information out there.

Some is true, some is false and much is confusing.

We untangle it and offer practical help.

The course has three one-hour sessions presented in consecutive weeks. Presenters are diabetics who fight the disease personally and use real-life stories to convey practical information. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions, take part in discussions and build peer support.

CDP is informal, supportive and even fun.

Class 1: Introduction to Diabetes

Explains what diabetes is, why Type 1 and Type 2 happen, how they work and the reasons high blood glucose levels are dangerous. It also exposes the myths, dispels the stigma and replaces shame with pride in fighting a very difficult disease.

Class 2: What Should I Eat?

Discusses the A1c, non-diet factors that affect blood glucose levels, the individual nature of the disease, the role of carbohydrates and how to identify them, the importance of health care professionals and ways to adjust current diets to manage carbs better.

Class 3: The Magic Bullet

Shares how various medications work and the reasons none can manage diabetes on their own. Explains why moderate physical activity is the “Magic Bullet” that can lower blood glucose levels without requiring medication. Everyone learns chair exercises that can be done even during TV commercial breaks.

The Challenge

After the three classes participants have learned ways to reduce their carbohydrate intake, increase physical activity and apply this knowledge to their own lifestyles. CDP challenges them to modify their behavior “around the edges” and lower their A1cs.

After three months participants who verify that their A1c is lower qualify for a reward. They receive a free t-shirt that reads:

When asked what the challenge was wearers can explain the facts and dispel the stigma one-on-one. But more importantly, they will have proven to themselves that reducing carbs and increasing physical activity really does work.

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