What is a “CWD?”

You’ve probably heard the term “PWD” which is short for “person with diabetes.” But “CWD?” It stands for “character with diabetes.” Characters who have a variety of diseases and conditions appear in movies, television shows and books all the time. But diabetes is rarely mentioned even though it’s so widespread and serious. Why is this?Continue reading “What is a “CWD?””

What’s with the Keto Diet? Part 2

Watching carbohydrates is key to managing the blood glucose level (BGL). It’s critical because 1 gram of carbs digests into 1 gram of sugar so the impact on the BGL is the same. Keto diets rigidly restrict carbs and this helps keep the BGL low. Like most things, it’s more complicated than it looks atContinue reading “What’s with the Keto Diet? Part 2”

What’s with the Keto Diet? Part 1

Real quick, this is how the keto diet works. Keto is short for ketogenic, which means that your body produces ketones. Ketones are released when fat cells are broken down to provide energy. The fat loss results in lower weight. The body usually gets its energy by digesting carbohydrates into glucose (sugar). In most peopleContinue reading “What’s with the Keto Diet? Part 1”

We have a problem.

Millions of diabetics don’t treat their disease well, if at all. It’s the reason they, their families and everyone who counts on them suffers from the avoidable complications of a manageable disease. Why is this? Widespread misperceptions are a big reason. They come from a confused jungle of information that includes old wives’ tales, huckstersContinue reading “We have a problem.”