What is CDP?

People believe untrue things about diabetes. The ignorance creates a stigma that’s maddening for diabetics, deters many from seeking care and is a reason complications remain common. The first goal of CDP is to erase the stigma.

The second is to be a portal to medical care and a place where anyone can learn the facts. CDP is the missing link between health care professionals and those who need them.

Why Is CDP Needed?

Diabetes has been called “one of the few diseases in America where people think it’s OK to blame people for getting it.” Actually, it begins when a genetic predisposition encounters an environmental trigger. Neither of these is within personal control.

Ending the blame game will remove a hindrance to care and reduce complications.

Why is CDP Different?

Just about everyone has diabetes or knows someone who does. Even so, misinformation is widespread. We need a new approach.

CDP classes are run by knowledgeable diabetics. They share real-life insights, promote peer support and instill pride in those who fight it.

We also engage health care professionals, civic and governmental organizations, media, businesses, nonprofits, schools churches and others. These cogs work together to create an informed and supportive community. 




Award Winning Program

Dr. Walter Wolf presented the Heroes Walking Among Us Award to CDP Director Chet Galaska on behalf of the Massachusetts Foot and Ankle Society. These doctors deal with the complications of diabetes and see the early deaths it causes.

They know things need to change.




Basic Diabetes Course

CDP presents the Basic Diabetes Course in convenient local venues. Three classes are held in consecutive weeks at workable times for everyday people. Classes are scheduled for one hour but can go longer due to questions, answers and discussions.

Group Presentations

Speakers explain diabetes to general audiences. They replace myths with facts to build an informed and supportive social environment. We’ve found people to be curious, attentive and willing to learn about a disease they don’t understand.

In Participation With

The Diabetes Book: CDP Edition

The Diabetes Book has helped many understand diabetes along with personal and social issues that usually fly under the radar. It’s readable, informative and even entertaining because it uses real-life stories to explain the disease.

The updated CDP Edition explains how the Challenge Diabetes Program educates and motivates diabetics while dispelling the stigma in the general public.


I always felt criticized about my diabetes. CDP helped me meet other diabetics who shared my experiences and gave me the support I needed.

Curtis, 28 years with diabetes

I’ve been living with diabetes in secret. CDP helped me approach it in a manageable way with great advice on eating and exercise. Positive and supportive group!

Mark, 4 years with diabetes

I can’t believe how much I learned! I’m learning to eat the right foods for who I am as an individual. CDP is a great resource our community needs!

Patricia, 7 years with diabetes

I learned so much! I met other people with diabetes, the focus on exercise was helpful and I’ve been making healthier food choices.

Pedro, 10 years with diabetes

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